8am to 6pm / 7 days a week
March 1st through December 24th

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For over 40 years people have been visiting Varner’s for a wide selection of quality flowers at affordable prices. We give our customers free range of our growing facilities so they may find the flowers that fit their needs perfectly. We also sell a wide variety of shrubs, trees and nursery products at prices you won’t regret or forget.


70294 Fir Road, Niles, Michigan
Just north of the Michigan/Indiana
state line and only 4 miles from 80/90!


We are open seven days a week
8:00 am to 6:00 pm
March 1 through December 24
(269) 684-3530

At Varner’s Greenhouse & Nursery you can shop for all of your favorite annual and perennial bedding plants and potted flowers while enjoying the warmth and sights of spring under five acres of greenhouses.

Come visit us to find out what you’ve been missing!

Hydrangea Trees are in and available in multiple varieties. #varnersgreenhouse
These Canna Lilies could definitely be the “thrill” in combination planters. See them for yourself. #varnersgreenhouse
Azalea is our plant of the week. Our Nursery is stocked and Azaleas are on sale this week only. #varnersgreenhouse
🌺 Blanket Flower or Coreopsis from our Nursery area. It’s a beautiful day and we have a great selection of gorgeous flowers! It’s never too late to plant more plants! #varnersgreenhouse 🌺
🌿Fern Hanging Baskets? Yes we have them.🌿🌳Don’t forget to peruse our Nursery area. A new delivery arrived yesterday.🌳🌸All annuals 25% OFF🌸
Second crop of Reger Begonia hanging baskets is just lovely now. 25% OFF these must have plants. #varnersgreenhouse
I have always loved the little blue stars that make up the blossoms of Ageratum. We use them in summer combo pots and they look great in flower beds. #varnersgreenhouse
Looking for something a little different? How about these Chenile hanging baskets? Currently 25% OFF. #varnersgreenhouse